Passion that connects.
The people behind XANIA real estate.

Passion that connects. The people behind Xania real estate.


The longing for perfection, comfort and quality, which goes hand in hand with aesthetics and the art of sophisticated living, unites the people around XANIA real estate. A large number of projects are already under construction. Our new construction projects are being realised in prestigious locations in Zurich. Style quality and aesthetics are always the top priority in the realization.


Thomas Prajer

Thomas Prajer laid the foundation for his entrepreneurial path many years ago. Many years of experience in the real estate industry and leading positions in renowned companies make XANIA real estate, thanks to his expertise, a promising and emerging brand in the real estate industry.

Portrait Thomas Prajer
Portrait Oliver Stihl

CEO / Partner

Oliver Stihl

In his role as CEO, Oliver Stihl focuses on implementing the company’s strategy and leading the entire management team. With his expertise, specialized skills, and experience in construction management and strategic alignment of businesses, he plays a significant role in the success of XANIA.

CIO / Partner

Tobias Reinhardt

As CIO, Tobias Reinhardt complements the executive management of XANIA and coordinates investment management. XANIA benefits from his extensive expertise in the real estate industry as well as in project management, and sees Tobias as a competent and dedicated team member who ideally completes the team around XANIA.
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Portrait von Gabriel Maier

CFO / Partner

Gabriel Maier

In his function as Chief Financial Officer, Gabriel Maier manages the projects from a financial point of view. With excellent analytical thinking skills, he takes care of the capital and liquidity management at XANIA. This allows him to combine his passion for real estate with his years of expertise in the financial industry.

Acquisition / Partner

Emmanuel Diserens

Emmanuel sets the course for the successful realization of our projects with the necessary know-how from architecture. He is responsible for the purchase of new projects, their examination for economic efficiency and feasibility as well as the subsequent development of a preliminary project together with our architects.

Portrait Emanuel Diserens
Portrait Eric Tuscher

COO / Partner

Eric Tuscher

Eric is responsible for the coordination and handling of our projects as well as all project participants and partners. From approval to project completion, he is the first point of contact. XANIA benefits in particular from Eric’s fresh ideas and his verve.

Project Development

Borja Castillo

As a project developer, Borja skillfully takes on all challenges of the real estate industry. The foundation for his essential position at XANIA is not only his excellent analytical thinking, but also his many years of professional experience and broad education in the fields of architecture and management.
Portrait Borja Castillo
Portrait Michael Wiesli

Project Development  / Partner

Michael Wiesli

Michael loves the challenge of complex projects as well as bringing together the interests of different stakeholders. As an experienced architect and project developer, he has already acted as overall project manager for one of the largest real estate owners in Switzerland. At XANIA, we benefit from Michael’s passion as a project developer as well as from his broad expertise.

Back Office

Romina Kindle

As a project assistant at XANIA, Romina takes on important administrative tasks and works alongside the project management in a supportive capacity. Professional and motivated, she acts as a link between project management and our partners. In doing so, she ensures smooth communication between all parties.

Portrait von Romina Kindle
Portrait Aline Prudenza

Back Office

Aline Prudenza

Aline is able to put her organizational talent and administrative expertise to perfect use at XANIA. In the back office, she is responsible for maintaining the core business, the organizational handling of internal business processes and ensures a smooth process.

Back Office

Martina Guidi

Martina will initially support XANIA in the back office before putting her first-class conceptual skills to use as a junior project developer in project development. XANIA will benefit not only from Martina’s many years of experience in the real estate industry, but also from her always optimistic and highly motivated personality.
Portrait Matina Guidi
Alberto Surber

Business Development  / Controlling

Alberto Surber

Alberto is responsible for both corporate development and controlling. He also brings a great interest in the projects from a financial point of view, which is why he is constantly gaining new experience in this area as well, in collaboration with the CFO. XANIA benefits especially from his determination, his eagerness to learn and his unparalleled reliability


Julie Sekula

As the Assistant to the Management, Julie is a valuable support for XANIA. In her role, she takes care of all administrative and organizational aspects of daily business operations. XANIA benefits from her extensive expertise as an experienced professional.
Julie Sekula Portrait

We create

beautiful places

Our network

The perfect prerequisite for creating such high-quality real estate is given to us by the association of a great network of partners in the finance and real estate industry. Together with these partners we initiate, invest and develop our sophisticated residential projects.

We create

A lifestyle

Contemporary architectural language and sophisticated building craftsmanship in prestigious locations, characterize all our projects.